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09 November 2008 @ 03:57 am
Who: Yuuko, Himawari {Open}
What: Sitting around..?
When: late afternoon
Where: the shop~

Spaced out was one way to describe her current condition, groggy was another. As she sat on the porch staring up at the sky she couldn't help but distance herself from the world. No sound came to her ears and she had started to lose track of time. She let out a sigh and finally looked down, staring out at her front yard.

She felt like something was going to happen, then of course, she always did. [no, she isn't paranoid] And here she was sitting on her porch with her elbows rested on her knees and her head hung down. She'd discarded her traditional kimonos and various other dresses for plain black jeans and a red dress shirt. The Witch just thought it was time for a change, less oriental..

She yawned and stretched, letting out another sigh. Yea, I guess the fact that I'm bored is sinking in finally.. She thought to herself, drumming her fingers against the wood of the porch. Something needed to happen or she was going to lose her mind. [not that she ever had it]
02 September 2008 @ 11:07 am
Who: Watanuki, Doumeki {Open}
What: Walking home
When: after club activities
Where: Around town!

Watanuki's fingers drummed irritably against the handle to his school bag. Doumeki always gave him the same command: Wait for me after school so we can walk home together. Every day. And while the seer wasn't too sure if he was just irritated at being commanded to do something, or that he was irritated because the fact that Doumeki had to repeat it so often meant that he thought that Watanuki would forget the command and just walk home, the order always made him annoyed. He wasn't that forgetful, was he?! Recent memory loss aside.

And so there he stood, bento box at his feet because it was too cumbersome to hold the whole time, waiting like a little girl for Doumeki to come out of his practice. God, did he take a long time on purpose?! Just to test him?! Watanuki-sama is not amused!!!
24 August 2008 @ 10:17 am
Who: Arashi, Syaoran {Open}
What: Sweeping...
When: Mid to late afternoon.
Where:Ise Shrine

Sweeping for her had always been a continuous process, a daily thing. Now, she was starting to get slightly bored. She sighed and slung her broom over her shoulder, staring out at the sky. She was still by herself, since Sorata was god only knows where.

Smiling faintly, she turned and started to walk along the path back to the shrine. It was peaceful, and she was content with that. There was no explosions, no battles just..peace.

However she wasn't going to knock it.
Lost in: Ise Shrine
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07 August 2008 @ 08:55 pm
[WHO] Seishirou, Chii. [OPEN]
[WHAT] An outing with the new hunter sister~!
[WHERE] A cafe.
[WHEN] After being informed that she spends all her time on her lonesome D: Early afternoon.

Seishirou sat outside an unassuming little cafe, the sun shining a bit too brightly for his own tastes. He checked his watch and wondered where his newly adopted little sister was, but not a line of worry appeared on his face. Truly, the thought was amusing in its own way, considering that he barely felt attached to the family he already had, but there was nothing wrong with indulging the blonde girl. There was a certain fondness, or at least vague curiosity that came with such innocent, naive people.
28 June 2008 @ 05:19 am
[WHO] Kamui, Fuuma.
[WHAT] It's an emo confrontation?
[WHERE] Somewhere along the streets.
[WHEN] After this thread.

and if you only keep running--Collapse )
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17 June 2008 @ 02:08 am
WHO: Seishirou and Subaru [CLOSED FOR NOW]
WHAT: Seishirou invited Subaru out on a walk. Subaru obliged.
WHERE: The street near to Subaru's flat, near the cherry blossoms.
WHEN: Late afternoon.

The dull scent of afternoon was crawling in as the few people that were out walked down the street aligned with cherry blossom tree after cherry blossom tree. They didn't pay much attention to the young man stood under one of them- a specific one, no less. As Subaru had first reencountered Seishirou under this tree.

Part of him wondered... should he be doing this? Was it right to willingly go with Seishirou? It would hurt Kamui, he could easily be led into a trap.. but it hurt to think about. And Subaru was too hungry to think about it right now.

That was the other thing.. he had told Seishirou about his ever growing hunger, that had caused him a few moments of loosing all sense of reason over the past few days- short, blink-and-miss-it moments, but moments non the less. What to do... that was definately a predicament.

But he'd come none the less. He wanted to see Seishirou-san- no matter the dangers it might hold.
16 May 2008 @ 07:57 pm
who ~ Zashiki Warashi (open to whoever wants to come~!)
whate ~ Off for a visit...hopefully...
where ~ Outside on some sidewalk, hiding behind a pole
when ~ Spring, MidAfternoon

She had heard he was flustering and flailing a lot recently. Some spirits said no more than other times, but it worried her. She had gone over in her mind if she had done something and hadn't come up with anything which was a good thing. And she also tried to remember if the Karasu-Tengu had gone after him for one reason or another, but as far as she knew that was untrue as well...which was another good thing. So it must be something else.

Ame Warashi had warned her to wait until she came back before heading out, but she had been gone quite some time and she was worried (well, not for Ame...she could take care of herself...but for him) so she slipped away and now was here...and now couldn't go any farther. What was she supposed to do? She should have brought him something...that's what one did, right? Or perhaps...She leaned against the large wood pole growng nervous, her hands clutching at her skirt. She should have waited for Ame...
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15 May 2008 @ 11:16 pm
WHO: Kurogane and OPEN for pestering [a certain piffle princess would likely have a key]
WHAT: Sleeping
WHERE: Place he shares with Fai? (I'm assuming they'd live together given their situation)
WHEN: spring, midday
WARNING: Grumpy!Kurogane

A brief session of meditation had reduced some of the ache the mechanical arm was causing him. At least in the privacy of the place he had to share with Fai, he could be left with some peace and quiet to rest for a couple hours. The poultices the Shinobi had been applying to the sore around the apparatus were helping with minor relief but if the problem wasn't dealt with accordingly soon, things would worsen.

The room itself was darkened, the door left open slightly in case Fai wanted something from the closet with the bed situated under the broad, shuttered window as Kurogane lay, eyes closed with his chest rising gently as he shifted some weight from the wounded shoulder to the other.

[ooc: before mod-san can kill me for being inactive, I give you all a thread!]
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13 April 2008 @ 12:18 am
WHO: Seishirou and Subaru [Closed-ish?]
WHAT: Waiting, yet to be seen.
WHERE: Random Park
WHEN: Spring, Late Evening/Night

[ooc: Sorry for the lameness guys, but I want this comm to liiiiive. D: *CPRs*]

Sakurazuka Seishirou smiled to himself, the flame of his lighter temporarily illuminating his face before it fell back into darkness. He had been out in the open quite a lot lately. Coming across anyone who knew his face was a rarity, one that was often disposed of before it became problematic.

Syaoran and his fellow travelers knew him, but even he knew that if he tried to interfere with their journey, he'd have bitten off more than he could chew (though it was fair to say that he was no stranger to challenges). The Dimensional Witch knew his face, but there were boundaries she had to keep, and he had his own to respect. He didn't fear Fuuma, because, as little as it said, they were family after all. And the twins...

Well, they were the reason he was here in the first place.

And the fact that for in the last time he could remember with any clarity, they were in the same world as he, was enough for the hunter to both smile a little wider and reel at the same time. What was he going to do now that he had caught up? What was the best way to end this game, if he did want to end it at all?

The wind rustled the branches of the cherry trees, sending small showers of its blossoms over the bench he was sitting on, every petal almost aglow in the pale moonlight.

Subaru-kun? Did you know that there is a corpse beneath each sakura tree?

Cherry blossoms are normally white, as pure as freshly fallen snow. As the trees drink from the corpse, the blossoms turn pink. They are beautiful, and they are tainted.

This was long before he believed in vampire legends. Back then, the pale young man was just...special. Seishirou had yet to figure out why.

The people buried under the trees...are they suffering...?

He didn't expect anyone to find him there.
07 April 2008 @ 10:38 am
WHO: Sakura and real!Syaoran [CLOSISH?]
WHAT: Date number three!  AKA Birthday picnic for the love birds!
WHERE: The park
WHEN: Mid-day, April 1st

Sakura arrived at the park, wearing a simple white summer dress.  The weather had been so kind and beautiful that she couldn't resist and dig out her summer clothes.  Looking around the park, she assessed the possible perfect spot for her picnic with Syaoran.  She smiled softly: she was so happy she could spend more time alone with him again.  She had worked hard on his present and she couldn't wait to see his reaction when he would open it, even if she could feel the nervous fluster of her heart when she thought of it.

She chose to sit down below a blossoming apple tree and she started to set up the picnic.  She opened the red and white blanket before starting to unpack the food.  Vegetables, small sandwiches  and little fruit tarts she made in the morning were spread out, before she took out the two plates and the cups she had brought.  Lastly was the thermos of tea she had brew before leaving the café.  She arranged the food so that Syaoran and her could sit close to each other and still have access to it.  Once her task done, she brought her legs closer to her and sat still, watching the children play in the sandbox, the other couples enjoying the beautiful day with a stroll around the pond not so far from her.